Chambres à mémoires
Helena Sidopoulos

Memories, to bring something in the inner space « to go inside » implies a fundamentally present intimacy. A poetic depth through recollections, memories relating to space by touching objects, walking through hallways, sitting in corners,... Discovering these aspects that strike us, (different ones repetitively), that trigger a movement - one of thought and eventually one that reaches a level of giving new impulses, paths that can be visited by the reader.
The idea of using space to remember, to go inside your space and to transform this « assembly » - small, fragmentary thoughts - and using the idea of dis/appearance, traces that are engraved in our thoughts, in our images (as they attached to ones mind)...and (re)place them in a concrete space.
The interaction in between these fragments will realize a whole- not a definitive whole, but rather a temporary one as it is how we recollect intuitively, time collapses, erases itself briefly.
As I see « The Berwick Research Institute », or rather the building where it is situated, to be an empty space (nothing is attached, it is actually quite open),a space that can be filled with our little bits and pieces, fragments, that might create a new « space » within this space, this latter one to be situated next to the existing one, almost parallel. We somehow intend to create a tension in the space;and to give you this gift, this intimacy.

Helena Sidopoulos, curator

With: Matthew Christensen, William Davenport, Babs Decruyenaere, Dessislava Dimova, Nico Dockx, Kris Gevers, Peter Lemmens, Mark Luyten, Jean-Michel Meyers, Douglas Park, Hans Segers, Helena Sidiropoulos, Peter Verwimp.

Press - release send out March 2003 Boston USA
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